Personal camouflage


Being a modern human in the wilderness is a positive disadvantage, especially if you are a product of the western hi-tech world. You should stop thinking of yourself in such a light and adopt the outlook and the instincts of the creatures that surround you. The powers of observation using all the senses, including the sixth, must be brought into play. You should be able to identify all sounds and sights and be able to read those sights and sounds. The creatures of the forest can- so should you. A smell, a distant movement or slight sound- animals are able to identify them immediately and decide whether it is time to take cover or not.  Nothing should escape your attention; whether it is a boot impression, a cigarette stump, a broken twig, dog droppings- dogs usually accompany man- you must see all. You must hear all…. even the silence that will fall when man disturbs the wilderness. You must hear man-made sounds, like aircraft, vehicles, cries, laughter, children, as well as the sounds that are associated with mankind, like cattle, sheep, or dogs. You must smell campfires, cooking, strong food smells, human waste, and tobacco. You must feel for signs of human activity, like fences, wire, or disturbed ground. You must also use your sense of deduction and your common sense. You must stop, look and listen, as frequently as possible, for your safety.
Make camouflage a priority, by noting carefully the type of area in which you are operating.
  • You must learn to blend in with your surroundings.
  • If you are traveling into a rural area dress to blend in, you should not wear camouflage but browns and greens etc.
  • If you are using foliage to conceal yourself or your position, don’t use too much or too little.
  • If you are in a long-term position remember, to keep your camouflage fresh, dead foliage will alert your target.
  • Avoid skylines.
  • Don’t use isolated cover; it’s the first place people will look.
  • Look around objects, not over them.
  • Camouflage face, neck and any area of the exposed flesh..
  • Take all noisy objects from pockets, such as keys and coins.
  • Tone down shiny surfaces on your weapons and your equipment.
You see something because of its:
  • Shape: Disguise you and your equipment’s shape; use foliage or scrim netting to break up your outline.
  • Shadow: Keep in the shadow of a bigger object; remember to always be aware that you are not casting a shadow that could give you a way to the target.
  • Silhouette: Don’t stand out against skylines, lights, white walls, etc.
  • Shine: No chrome, watch straps, mirrored glasses, and so forth.
  • Spacing: If moving with others, remain spread out, but not too regularly.
  • Movement: Move carefully- a sudden movement draws attention.