Your personal behavior in an emergency situation is one of the most important factors for your survival. During an emergency, some people panic and paralyze without knowing what to do, some react very quickly before thinking and others go into shock. To react as well as possible to an emergency you must:


1. Mentalize whenever the emergency may occur.
2. Think about the procedures you will perform.
3. Prepare and train for it as close as possible to reality.


1. Stay calm and concentrate on breathing deeply.
2. Stop and think for two seconds and focus on the procedures you prepared.
3. If you do not know what to do and you are going to take an action, think about the consequences. Always save your life first without sacrificing another. If you save yourself, you can help others.



The goal is to be able to get along as best as possible during an emergency, familiarizing yourself with the situation to control fear the best you can without panicking. Fear is felt in unknown situations. When we become familiar and know what actions to take, we learn to control it.
The common denominator of people’s failure is their ego. They believe that because they are armed, did a few courses or have experience in something, they are superior to others. Many walk in the street showing their weapon to intimidate and attract attention, and do not know that this behavior is what knocks on the door to thier own death. Psychological studies have shown that such behavior is a sign of low self-esteem, immaturity, inexperience and unconsciousness. It’s exactly like a child when you give him a new toy. He wants to show it to all his friends and compete who has the best. A sign of inexperience is also when we over react to the minimum thing and see threats where there are none. Applies a lot for bodyguards.
Keeping discretion and camouflaging yourself in your environment is the optimal option. You have to go unnoticed and get as little attention as possible. There is always going to be someone smarter, stronger and more evil than you, even if you are, at any time, you may be surprised, so your attitude should be to go to your work, do what you have to do and go back home without falling into the slightest provocation on the street.
Work on your appearance and your clothes. Always wear comfortable shoes with you so you can run whether you go on public transport or in your own vehicle. If you are going to wear dressy shoes, take them with you and put them on before you arrive to your event. Having a good displacement in case of an emergency is very important and could save your life. You never know when you will have to run for your life.
Always leave all your belongings inside your bag or purse, especially when you are driving. If you must leave the vehicle and run in case of an emergency, all you have to do is grab the bag. You already know that everything is in there. How many times have we gotten out of the vehicle under normal conditions and left something inside?
Sometimes when we enter the vehicle we leave the cell phone in one place, the keys of the house somewhere else, the purse in another etc … If you are going to answer a call, take it and put the cell phone back in the bag. It is even more convenient to have phone always on you. Communication is the most important element in any emergency situation.
If you are approached by criminals to kidnap or assault you, keep calm and take a submissive and friendly behavior. You must work psychologically. Think before acting or answering any question. Do not put up resistance. Do not look for the opportunity to escape. Wait for the opportunity to present itself. Whether or not you can take advantage of it, will depend on your capability and preparation.
When you are in an unknown place, your body language is very important. Act as if you knew that place like the back of your hand. Walk safe and as if you knew where you are going. Try not to look everywhere. It is preferable to enter a store and ask an employee than asking any person on the street.
When you are on the street, you have to be as alert as possible. You have to understand what happens around you in order to react on time and in the most appropriate way. It is logical that you, as a human, cannot be alert 100% of the time, but you have to try as much as possible. It’s not about being paranoid or obsessive, it’s about your life and that on the street you may not have a second chance.