What to do in case of emergency?



1. Always keep calm.

2. Think and listen to the official information before you take any action.

3. Always keep an updated list of emergency phone numbers written in pencil and paper with a plastic sheet to protect it under extreme conditions. Don’t forget the phone numbers of your close relatives.

4. Both you and your family should have an emergency kit and a plan. You should be able to access your kit easily, has to be lightweight and easy to transport. Preferably a backpack.

5. Each member of the family must have an assigned task.

6. Know well the escape routes and the safety zones.

7. Practice the procedures with drills, white down the time and mistakes you make. Repeat them until everything goes well.

8. Determine a meeting place in case your family is separated. Inform that point of meeting to the rest of your family so they can reach you after the event.

9. You have to store water, food and medicine for at least two weeks.

10. You should know where to close the water, gas and shut down the electricity during the emergency.

11. Keep all your important documents like property titles, bills, passports, insurance policies etc … in airtight boxes so they don’t get damaged. You have to take them with you during the evacuation. Just grab the box and get out. Everything will be in there. Consider having cash.

12. Don’t forget your pets and don’t leave them home.

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