Vehicle Equipment for Bodyguards


The bold letters are the basic equipment. The rest are additional equipment and / or for bodyguards with more experience.

1.     Communication

  • A cellular phone (just for the vehicle, with spare batteries and a 12V charger).
  • Two or more radios ( HAM, FRS, etc…)
  • An FM / AM radio independent from the car radio equipment.
  • A radio frequency scanner.
  • A satellite phone (always keep it inside the vehicle, with spare battery and a 12V charger).
  • A solar charger.

2.     Protection

  • A first aid Kit (adapted to your needs and the needs of your client(s)).
  • One or two fire extinguishers. You must be able to reach them while you are driving. They have to be well placed and very well fixed.
  • Two umbrellas and two ponchos.
  • Smoke hoods.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Protective goggles.
  • Body Armors (apart from the ones you use).
  • Gas masks.
  • Thermal Blankets.
  • Oxygen equipment.
  • Protective suits.

3.     Tools

  • Tow rope.
  • Glass breaker with seat belt cutter (the glass breaker does not apply if you are in an armored vehicle but you can use it to assist others)
  • Two flashlights (at least one of them should be a headlamp).
  • Jumper cables.
  • A complete jack set.
  • An emergency reflective triangle.
  • A wheel wrench..
  • Tire pressure gauge.
  • Telescopic mirror..
  • Metal detector.
  • A crow bar.
  • A basic set of tools (screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, hammer, electrical tape, gorilla tape, mechanical cloves, lubricant etc…)
  • A vehicle air compressor
  • Bolt cutter.

4.     Spare parts

  • Spare wheel.
  • Spare set of car keys. Put them inside the front pocket of your pants.
  • Fuses
  • Light Bulbs
  • Spare batteries for the radios, flashlights etc…
  • Filters (Air, oil, gas etc…).
  • A set of brake pads and/or brake bands.
  • Spare car battery or install an additional battery with a máster switch.
  • Fluids (engine oil, gearbox oil, steering Wheel oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, windshield cleaner)

5.     Nutrition and hydration

  • Long shelf life food (4 people for 3 days).
  • 20 litres of drinking water (4 people for 3 days).
  • A portable water filter.
  • Water purification tablets.

6.     Other.

  • A map relevant to the area.
  • Money in cash, coins etc….
  • A change of clothes.
  • Public transport tickets(metro, buses, trains, etc…)
  • Extra ammunition.
  • Smoke grenades (restricted in some countries).
  • Marine flares.

Consult us in our consulting section for more information on how to use, customize, acquire any of the equipment mentioned in this list and how to choose the most appropriate to meet your needs.