Weapons of Mass Destruction

Recognition and Response

US Government Color-Coded Threat Condition

Red ———- Sever risk of terrorist attacks

Orange——- High risk of terrorist attacks

Yellow——– Significant risk of terrorist attacks

Green——–Low risk of terrorist attack

Indicators of Possible Chemical and Biological Weapons Use:

  1. Indicators of possible chemical weapon use

. Unusual dead of dying animals

. Lack of insects

.Unexplained causalities

. Multiple victims

. Serious illnesses

. Nausea, disorientation, difficulty breathing, convulsions

. Definite casualty patterns

. Unusual liquid, spray or vapor

. Droplets, oily film

. Unexplained odor

. Low flying clouds/fog unrelated to weather

. Suspicious devices/packages

. Unusual metal debris

. Abandoned spray devices

. Unexplained munitions

  1. Indicators of Possible Biological Weapons Use:

. Unusual dead or dying animals

. Sick or dying animals, people of fish

. Unusual causalities

. Unusual illness for region/area

. Definite pattern inconsistent with natural disease

. Unusual liquid, spray, vapor

. Spraying and suspicious devices or packages

. Unusual swarms of insects


  1. Stay calm
  2. Put on personal protective equipment (PPE)
  3. From save vantage point, reassure victims that assistance is on the way.
  4. Wait for properly equipped help at a safe location (UPWIND, UPHILL, UPSTREAM)


Notification Essentials

. Observed CW/BW indicators

. Wind direction and weather conditions at scene

. Plume direction (direction of clouds or vapor travel)

. Orientation of victims (direction, position, pattern)

. Number of apparent victims

.Type of injuries, symptoms presented

. Witness statements or observations

. Nature of CW/BW agents (if known) from detection, equipment or monitors

. Exact location of reporting unit

. Suggested safe access route and staging area