Threat Assessment



The Threat Assessment is the most important of all the procedures carried out in security operations. You will find that even the most basic TAs are regularly overlooked in the majority of security and business operations. The reason for compiling a TA is to identify anything that might threaten your client, your team and the overall operation. Threat Assessments should not only be confined to the world of close protection, they are important in all security operation and can also be put to use in your private life. People carry out basic forms of TAs all the time; which bars are safe to drink in, where is it safe to walk at night, do I need locks on the windows of my home.
Threat Assessment
  1. Has an actual threat been made? If yes:
  1. Why?
  1. What form did it take?
  • Phone calls:
  • Mail:
  • Surveillance:
  • Violence:
  • Other:
  1. When did it take place?
  1. Where did it take place?
  1. By Whom?
  • Ex-partner:
  • Work or college:
  • Friend:
  • Group:
  • Unknown:
  1. Have any other police or security agencies been informed? What action have they taken?
  1. How as the threat progressed?
  1. Why does the client feel protection is needed?
  1. Type of protection needed?
  • Residential:
  • Office:
  • Personal escort:
  • Family cover:
  • Protective surveillance:
  • Armed or unarmed:
  1. What are limitations you will have to work within?
  1. Risk level:
  1. Manpower needed:
  1. Budget: