I’m Chamel Akl, founder of aklelitecorp.com and I want to recommend you an important product.

If you like adventure, you travel far away from home and / or want to be prepared for an emergency, I recommend you always carry this small water filter in your bag. The SURVIVOR FILTER.

The SURVIVOR FILTER is small, very light and has a filtering capacity of 0.05 Microns. This means that it not only filters bacteria but also the viruses present in the water, in addition it has an activated carbon filter that eliminates certain chemicals and the bad flavors present in the water.

There are many filters in the market but few with these benefits. I personally use it in my emergency backpack because it’s compact, lightweight, efficient, versatile and not so expensive.

Here is the link where you to get more information: https://www.survivorfilter.com/

Stay safe…

Chamel Akl