What is the difference between a common guard and an excellent bodyguard

Any guard can be trained to execute but the difference between an excellent bodyguard and a guard lies in the ability to plan

The main characteristic that must have a personal security agent, protection specialist, bodyguard or “consultant” is professionalism. This word unfortunately has different meanings according to the frame of reference of each individual.

A bodyguard is not the gunman of the guard, can not go out on the street intimidating people, displaying weapons or firing, invading lanes in avenues, or showing bravery, as we usually see them.

They should only use force as an extreme resource, true security professionals appeal to this as a solution to really extreme cases.

The security professional must prevent attacks, assassination attempts, robberies, kidnappings, assaults or demoralization, and avoid any accident, embarrassing situation or setbacks.

There is no sense in a security team composed of conflicting and bragged bodyguards if the insured suffers for example a heart attack and no one can administer a medication, give him first aid and take him to the nearest hospital.

The best security guard is prudent, studies and knows his limitations and that is precisely why he is afraid. Here are a series of qualities that a good bodyguard should have:

The qualities of a good bodyguard

The bodyguards must have a high scale of values, since the lives of the insured depend on their bodyguards, you can not hire a person who is not reliable. Keep in mind that the guard can be bribed by people who want to damage him.

They should not be vicious, consume alcohol, narcotics or drugs. Having any of these vices disqualifies them, since the mind of a bodyguard must always be alert and prepared in case of any emergency. It is proven that alcohol and drugs affect reflexes.

You must not have participated in criminal activities or have committed any type of crime. A bodyguard requires a totally clean file.

He must be disciplined, patient, observant, meticulous and have a good memory. An excellent physical condition, acute vision and hearing. At all times the bodyguard will perceive details and particularities that are still subtle. It can not be negligent, since a single mistake could be fatal; On the other hand impatience leads to committing carelessness and errors that are not allowed.

He must be very capable and efficient, working long hours without rest. They should be prepared for this tight work routine that is sometimes not rewarding.

Know combat techniques without weapons, be familiar with the use of them, shooting techniques, be updated in terms of security equipment such as alarms, sensors, closed circuit television (CCTV), in addition to education.

The above because they will generally develop in environments of high socioeconomic level, attend parties and events frequented by politically recognized people, socially, artists or executives; where you should show your culture and presence.

Some problems with their proteges can be resolved with diplomacy, so nobody will hire a bodyguard who does not know how to behave or express himself in public.

They must be reserved, discreet, self-critical and not meddle in the private affairs of the protected unless they endanger the insured. They should not give information, not appear in the mass media, or pose in photos.

Do not forget the example of the kidnapping of the US ambassador in Brazil, where the indiscretion of a security member helped the terrorists.

No matter how friendly they are, the bodyguard can not drink or have fun with their protege, as these acts of relaxation and deconcentration endanger the lives of both.

The bodyguard must study the life of his protege and eliminate all types of activity or threats that affect his protege, generating procedures and security plans. Any guard can be trained to execute, but the difference between an excellent guard and an excellent bodyguard lies in the ability to plan.

Finally, a good bodyguard should also know how to work as a team and maintain excellent communication with his team, since the people who really need protection usually hire more than one bodyguard.