The number of victims of an earthquake in Indonesia doubles


The number of lives lost in an earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Lombok last Sunday has risen to almost 400 and may rise further say officials. Search and rescue operations of collapsed buildings are still going.

Nearly 400,000 people have been displaced by the 6.9 quake and around 68,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

“Most of the patients here are suffering from illnesses like diarrhoea and respiratory problems. The health issues have moved from sore backs to environmental illnesses,” said a member of staff at Santong village clinic.

The Indonesian air force on Saturday delivered 90 tons of aid to Lombok. The supplies included food, medicine, tents, and blankets, which will be distributed to residents in affected areas.

A temporary market in the Tanjung district of North Lombok opened on Saturday, bringing not just access to provisions but some sense of returning to normality.

“Thank God the market is finally open so we can buy what we need while we wait for the situation to go back to normal, even though we are still worried about the uncertain conditions,” said one customer.