Bodyguards (behavior and tips for success)


1. Bodyguards must be men and women with a particular set of skills.
2. You must be a problem solver.
3. Bigger isn’t always better.
4. Low profile keeps you protected and alive.
5. Guns (and fists) are pretty much useless.
6. Use your brain instead of your muscles and weapons.
7. It’s not a business where we fight or draw guns.
8. Cover, evacuate and get out of harm’s way.
9. The goal is no use of force.
10. Thinking in advance, it’s what the job is all about.
11. Work for the good ones and not for the criminals.
12. Field experience without study and theory doesn’t make good bodyguards.
13. If you don’t apply your studies and the theory in the field, you work will be inefficient.
14. Work to protect and not for the show.
15. Don’t post pictures with clients on social media. No one in the industry will take you seriously.
16. Stay clean and well dressed.
17. Your tactical flashy gear doesn’t give you superpowers.
18. Lower your ego to 0%.
19. Don’t overreact to the slightest thing and see threats where there are none. This is a sign of inexperience.
20. You can’t push people out of the way and stand on the road and stop traffic for the slightest thing. Work to the threat level.
21. Self-Discipline is very important as well as the ability to communicate with others.
22. Never argue or complain. Don’t talk and listen.
23. If your protected asks you a question, only answer his question and don’t tell him the story of your life. Be brief.
24. You only gain experience by working in different environments.
25. Have all your documents up to date.
26. If you claim to know everything and done everything, people will class you of being full of shit, and if there is a problem they will stand back and watch you sort it out.
27. Never move a finger before making your risk assessment.
28. Never eat, talk, smoke and chew gum in front of your protected.
29. Take an urban and wilderness survival course.
30. No whining.
31. Stay exercised for your health and not for the muscles.
32. Rest as much as you can in your free time.
33. Sleep at least 7 hours a day so you can stay focused.
34. Eat healthy. Your body and mind are your main tools for survival.
35. Always keep training and studying.
36 Your client is the person you protect and not the person who pays you.
37. Never do something expecting that nothing will happen. You main enemy is the Murphy Law.
38. Always have a plan B, C, D, E, F…
39. Never think you know something. Things, time, places and people always change.
40. The more people know about you, the more you are in danger.