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Hi, I’m Chamel Akl, founder of Akl Elite Corp.
For this week and like all the previous ones, I want to recommend you an excellent item. The solar charger Suntactics S5.



 I always carry The Suntactics S5 in my emergency backpack and I dare to tell you that this is the best portable solar charger on the market, for it’s technical characteristics and durability, including the S8 and S14 models.
The S8 is extremely durable and reliable. Solar cells and electronic connections are completely encapsulated. The impact-resistant high-compression substrate prevents voltage failure. Other solar chargers use flexible cloth coatings and, in continuous use, the internal damage of the cell crack affects its performance.



The high efficiency solar cells are configured correctly for optimal conversion of light to voltage for a higher charging speed. The circuits are sealed in silicone and tested at 40 feet of water and resistant to corrosion. Suntactics solar chargers are impervious to moisture.
Patented Auto-Retry ™ technology for charging devices during power interruptions such as clouds. Suntactics sChargers will start charging again in a matter of minutes after a power fluctuation.
The solar charger is compact and ultralight, designed specifically for hiking (only 7 oz!) Approved by hikers. 1200 mA (> 5watts @ 5volts), 6 “x 6” closed, 6 “x 11” open, 7oz
Designed and assembled in Silicon Valley, United States.



Includes Suntactics S5, travel bag, user manual and quick start guide, 2 year warranty, 5 year option, excellent customer service.
Compare with similar items.
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I hope this suggestion has been of your interest.
Chamel Akl