Spotting the Threats of Danger


Be Ever-Vigilant

Bodyguards must be ever-vigilant for fast-moving threats towards their principal; but generally it’s the subtle things that you don’t recognize that are the most dangerous. The little threats can amount to big threats. You need to be able to recognize these subtle, but dangerous threats by observing nonverbal communication from people within a crowd.


Attack-Related Behavior

Watch and study people’s faces, facial expressions sometimes they show warning signs of danger. Pay special attention to quick changes in expression. Notice all emotions, but especially watch for anger or expressionless faces in the crowd, pay particular attention to what’s in people’s hands that may contain a weapon.


Careful Focus and Swift Action

Careful focus and swift protective action must be taken against anyone whose behavior suggests a clear and present threat towards your principal. If in your professional judgment an individual is posing a threat it’s your job to take immediate action. You don’t need anyone’s permission; it is your sole responsibility and no one else’s. This should include anyone:
1) Displaying inappropriate or unusual interest or fixation upon your principal.
2) Approaching and/or following your principal (stalking).
3) Attempting to circumvent the protective coverage and security of your principal.
4) Displaying pre-attack planning and/or preparation.
5) That appears to have mental disorder, delusional behavior or aggression.
6) Exhibiting disturbing behavior, such as inappropriate intense emotions towards your principal.
7) Using threatening, inappropriate verbal communication or insults towards your principal.
8) Under the influence of drugs or alcohol acting abnormally or psychology impaired.
9) Presenting other threat warning behavior; weapon possession, red flag indicators, etc.
10) When conducting protective surveillance around your principal for the identification of warning behavior, you are looking for any behavior that indicates a clear and present threat. Keep safe and God speed.