Security and urban survival


Surviving … It is the main objective of each one of us. Every living being that surrounds us like plants, animals, insects and bacteria, is born and develops one or many defense mechanisms. Many of us forget to do it. We prepare ourselves to survive the present social system, but we forget to prepare ourselves to survive adversities and emergency situations that nature or our own social system may cause. We also forget that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Murphy’s law. For example: many things on which our lives depend on are manufactured taking into consideration Murphy’s Law, like the pieces of aircraft, for example. If a piece is intended to support one ton weight, it is designed to support five tons or more. The safety factor is increased. You have to do exactly the same with your preparation to have more chances to survive. Increase your safety factors by preparing, training, preventing and avoiding problems.
In this case we are going to talk about security and urban survival. This means that in general, apart from a situation produced by nature, we will have to face beings like ourselves. We will encounter beings that have our same intellectual level or higher in many cases. People willing to kill you not only to survive, but also for pleasure. People who act and react in a different and unexpected way causing great danger in our surroundings due to the consequences of a disaster, a crisis situation or simply because of their personal formation.
Life should not be left to chance and in the face of danger, you should use the most powerful defense weapon. We all know that weapon but very few know how to use it. Prevention…
Prevention is a discipline that requires planning, preparation, patience, knowledge, willpower and common sense.
You always have to keep an open mind to the things that can happen to you. It all starts from this point in your mind, but without entering into paranoia. Sometimes we think that nothing bad will happen to us. Many of us think, by chance, that it could rain, but we do not think of a storm. We think of driving, but not about accidents, we think about crime, but we do not take the appropriate prevention measures. Many say “this will not happen. I must be realistic. “Some people use the term “realistic” to determine if it would be real to prepare for a situation or unreal for another. The term “be realistic” must be applied to the way in which we have to prepare for each situation but not whether we are going to do it or not. You always have to prepare if you want to have more chances to survive.
Do not expect you will count in someone. Remember a phrase that says: “In a dark moment even your shadow abandons you”. I’m telling you to remember that you can find yourself in situations where a lot of people will want to help you, but they will not be able to do it. So you will have to deal with the situation on your own. Prepare yourself by counting as little as possible with others.
You have to understand that you cannot always be prepared for everything, but if you prepare for certain threats or dangers, you are much more likely to survive than the rest of the people. Also, for example, after a natural disaster or crisis situation, your quality of life will depend on how you prepared before the event. If you are lucky and don’t die during the disaster, you can die after due to the environmental conditions left by the event, such as the shortage of drinking water, food, unhealthiness, energy, climate, crime, pollution and others.
Last but not least, to know how to face adversity you must learn something even more difficult … Knowing and confronting yourself in order to know your capabilities.
Don’t always learn from the wisest but also from the most ignorant, to avoid doing the same mistakes. This will make you even wiser.
On the street as in your life, the luck you have depends on you.
Good luck is being prepared to act in a moment of opportunity.
Bad luck is not being prepared. The more you prepare, the better luck you will have. Get ready!