Economic collapse (part 2). Prepare to barter.


What would you do if the medicine you need to save you or your family member’s life is in short supply and high demand?

When economies collapse, the paper currency loses its value. We have seen this happen before in modern history like in Venezuela and the former USSR.

Today, countries with a high unemployment rate, food supply chain interruptions, a pandemic and in debt while paper money is being printed like in the US, factors are leading to an economic collapse.


Prepare to barter.


Understand the value of what you have and what you need.

Many of the things you have that you considered valuable like Jewelry for example, will not be necessarily as valuable in a specific situation.

People will be looking for items that will be useful for their survival. These are items like food, water, batteries, bullets, weapons, medicines etc. The value of these items will vary depending on the situation. Example, facemasks during COVID 19.

Services that you can offer are also part of the bartering process. Plumbing, carpentering etc.

Always make a fair trade. Be honest, be fair and never try to trick someone. Your world will become much smaller and people will know how to find you.

Never show you are desperate for an item during a negotiation. If people see you are desperate you will lose your ability to negotiate.

Never reveal the inventory you have. If someone asks you if you have bread or water, instead of saying “yes”, just say you will ask around or you might know someone that does. If you reveal your inventory, you are inviting trouble.

Barter with those you know and stay cautious.

Divide what you barter in small parts. If something goes wrong, you lose less.

Barter away from home and/or your supplies. Find an area with high visibility so you’ll be able to see if someone is following you.

Always barter with someone to back you up. Hard times bring the worst of people.

Secure your supplies as much as you can and don’t put them all in one place.

Always take items that you are willing to lose.

Arrive at the meeting place early. Arriving late puts you in disadvantage. Arriving early will give you a feel of the location.

After you are done, take another route home. You never know who is following you.

Never answer the question “What are you willing to trade for?”. This will let the other party mesure your desperation.

Only talk to one person.