Iran threatens nuclear expansion after Trump quits deal




Donald Trump has just confirmed that the US will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and will re-impose the “highest level of sanctions”.
  • The US President spoke at length about what it describes as a “monstrous regime”.
  • He said the deal did nothing to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and that, even if the country complied with its terms in full (which he does not believe it did) it was always just moments away from realizing its nuclear ambitions.
  • The US will reimpose full sanctions on Iran, and Trump has threatened to impose sanctions on other countries if they continue to deal with the country.
  • Donald Trump refused to answer questions about how pulling out of the deal would make the US safer and liberate the Iranian people to determine their own future.
  • Meanwhile, Israel has said it has spotted increased Iranian military activity in Syria and is bracing itself for an attack on Golan heights.
Responding to the announcement Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran might carry on with full scale uranian enrichment in the wake of the US decision, in order to protect Iranian national interests. However, this would depend on the outcome of negotiations with European partners to the deal, as well as China and Russia.
Other global leaders have started to react to the announcement, with Israel claiming vindication of is position, and European leaders reaffirming their commitment to the deal.

“It took five years of diplomacy to build the sanctions regime and two years of diplomacy to reach a Deal. Trump is blowing that up”

Ben RhodesForeign policy adviser to Barack Obama