Escape & evasion

The information in this chapter provides basic instructions on how to avoid getting captured if you have to flee from captors or you are in a location where things have gone very wrong. We do no encourage people to break the law, but you must understand that in some situations what would be viewed as illegal actions in first world countries are your only option for survival.


On the run


  • Your goal is survival and to reach a safe area.

  • Consider you means of leaving the area: on foot, swim, public transport, aircraft, boat, hitch a lift, steal or hijack a vehicle.

  • After the initial escape leave area as quickly as possible and keep a low profile, remember to blend in with your environment.

  • As soon as you can you need to make contact with friends, family, trusted authorities or friendly Embassies.

  • If you go to ground where can you hide; in parks / bushes in busy pedestrian areas? Consider what CCTV is in the area, do local forces have thermal imaging equipment? How long will you go to ground for and what are your escape routes.

  • Work out where are you running to and try to leave decoys pointing to different locations.

  • You will need money if you very lucky and have a credit card hidden on your person you can use atm’s. If in a area you know you could possibly have stashed cash with other important documents and equipment in a dead drop for emergencies, your last resort would be to steal money.

  • You will also need clean clothes, if you cannot buy them or get them from a place of charity you would need to steal them.

  • If you need to travel a long distance you will need to find somewhere to wash and stay clean.

  • You will also need somewhere to sleep, in urban environments it may make sense to stay away from the usual places homeless people congregate.

  • If you do not have money to buy food you could possibly get it from charities or be forced to steal it.

  • To leave most countries you will need a passport or ID’s, if you have lost yours, you can try to covertly by pass border controls and then make it to the nearest friendly Embassy.



Emergency Navigation


  • Try to get maps or free tourist guides.

  • Learn to identify north and south without a compass.

  • Try to conceal an escape compass.

  • Remember prominent objects in the location your going to before you get there.

  • Identify major features such as roads, rivers, mountains and buildings.

  • If you are in a rural area and want to locate people follow rivers, most villages are located around water sources.