The reason for an escape and evasion is to help you escape from captivity and stay alive for a limited amount of time and to be able to move from a point “A” where you don’t want to be to a point “B” where you need to be. You should carry a minimum amount of non-descript equipment as discreetly as possible. Expensive, specialist, flashy military equipment will only draw attention to and be taken away by your captors and could possibly label you as a spy. Being taken for a spy is a good way to get executed.


Equipment you should try to carry:

  • Survival blanket: These are usually silver in color and can be use to provide warmth, shelter and collect water.
  • String or thin wire: This has various uses for example: construction of shelters.
  • Wire saw: These thin wire saws (thumb saws) and can be used to cut wood, plastic and soft metals.
  • Hacksaw blade: The blade should be broken in to 2 to 3 inch pieces to make them more concealable, if possible the ends of the blades can be sharpened.
  • Safety pins: Various uses including first aid, mending clothing and building shelter.
  • Razor blades: Small and concealable multi-purpose blades.
  • Flint and steel/Matches: Used for fire lighting.
  • Tinder: Cotton wool etc.
  • Hair net and Condoms: Used for carrying water.
  • Water purification tabs: Purifying drinking water
  • Compass: Chose a small and concealable compass.
  • Whistle: Used for signaling.
  • Mirror: Used for signaling.
  • Knife: Chose a small concealable knife that won’t be confiscated when captured or get you arrested for carrying an illegal weapon
  • Torches: Chose a small concealable torch, this can be used for light and signaling.
  • Tools: There are many good pliers type tools on the market. The problems with these are your captors will most probably confiscate them.
  • Food: Try to conceal high calorie foods such as sweets, nuts and raisins etc.
  • Money: Probably the most important piece of equipment you can carry. Chose small value notes of a well-known currency, waterproof them and conceal them.