Crisis Management Plan


1. Does the organisation have a plan in place?


2. Does it cover a variety of potential incidents:
  • Hostage (kidnapping and extortion)
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorism
  • Hijacking of corporate aircraft
  • Evacuation guidelines
  • Bomb threats
  • Civil unrest
  • Chemical and biological threats
  • Product tampering


3. Is the plan reviewed annually?


4. Is the Crisis Management Team trained annually?


5. Are local authorities familiar with this site?


6. Actions during a crisis:
  • Convene the crisis management team
  • Verify the threat
  • Advise the corporate Crisis Management Team of the crisis
  • Access the crisis, including possible outcomes
  • Obtain Principal’s profile
  • Determine corporate options for dealing, with the crisis
  • Establish liaisons with local law enforcements and responding agencies
  • Media relations and liaison


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