Avatar passport controls at airports



This is how you could check-in at airports in Europe in the future with pre-traveller registration online and then interviewed by an avatar border guard such as this one.

The avatar technology hopes to help police guard borders in a pilot scheme which starts next month and can apparently tell if someone is lying.

The technology is being revealed at a science festival at Manchester University in the UK on Saturday.

Keeley Crockett, Computational Intelligence specialist, Manchester Metropolitan University says, “It uses non-verbal behaviour. Very, very fine grained micro gestures. So we’re not looking at things like smiling, or frowning, we’re looking at very small movements such as an eye moving left, or right. So we use this and combine it together with a ‘risk score’ and we use this in order to, say for a particular question whether someone’s lying or not.”

Technologies already bolster security in many airports across the world including Helsinki airport and Dubai. Face recognition technology identifies people travelling illegally.

The success of the avatar guard will be assessed by the European border and coastguard agency when they’re run at border locations in Greece, Latvia and Hungary.