2 day Self Defense course in Caracas – Venezuela

This course is open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors.

The techniques we apply in this course are oriented to both experienced individuals and beginners. They are 100% effective, real world techniques that will allow you to be more effective and confident under a threat. The most effective way out is to avoid confrontation, but that’s not always possible. What happens if they take you as a hostage? If there is no other way out? If they point with a gun and you have no other way out? For these scenarios, this course will show you very effective techniques that could save your life if you use them the right way in the right moment.

This course will be divided in six hours per day.

2 day Self Defence class in Caracas – Venezuela

Public course fee: $ 440.00 USD ($ 200.00 advance booking fee)

The course fee does not include accommodation.