We give our certificates based on four different concepts, which in turn are related to each other progressively:

1. Participation

The first certificate of participation is where AKL ELITE CORP certifies that the user had access to the information and studied it by himself. (Delivered in digital format)

2. Written Test

The second certificate is an evaluation that is answered with a simple selection test, where AKL ELITE CORP certifies that the user passed with over 80% of correct answers. (Delivered in digital format)


3. Oral Exam

The third certificate is an oral examination via videoconference, conducted by one of AKL ELITE CORP’s analysts where it is certified that the user handles the information obtained in its entirety, and knows how to apply it in specific situations. (Delivered in digital format)

4. Physical Certificate

The fourth certificate can be obtained after passing the oral examination, and is delivered only physically if the user requires it. This certificate is signed and sealed with by the CEO of AKL ELITE CORP. The certificate is sent with courier post (FedEx, DHL, etc.) to the preferred address.